Welcome to Biochem-Service!

Biochem-Service has been working on the Ukrainian market since 2003 and specializes in development and commissioning of new technologies in the field of environmental protection on the basis of biotechnology. Processes based on the properties of microorganisms and cell cultures, allows producing chemicals and compounds which are necessary for health and living both for human and animal. The use of renewable resources, in contrast to the chemical industry, not only harmless to the earth’s ecology, but what is more promotes the purification of environment.

Biological products

One of the tasks of Biochem-Service is agricultural biotechnology. Biological products of bacteria, developed by our company have a directional effect and help to solve many problems of everyday life. Biodestruction agents, fungicides, acaricides – each of these products contains certain microorganisms that are best for the tasks. Living bacteria that are part of our biological products offered, are dormant. Landed up in an environment containing organic impurities, the bacteria “wake up” and begin to actively feed and reproduce. As a result of their activities, complex organic compounds are broken down into simpler, which are well absorbed by plants and are great nutrient materials for ripening of fruits and berries. As the antibody fights with the antigen, our biological products help to wipe out insect pests or plant diseases. Fungicides are the biologies developed from natural enemies of fungal and bacterial diseases of plants. Acaricides are microorganisms winning mites, insects and their larva. Biodestruction agents promote recycling of organic waste in septic tanks or cesspools, work on the decomposition of plant biomass in compost heaps to mineral components, and purify water from organic pollution and flowering.

An exceptional advantage of biologies over the chemical treatment is their absolute safety for human and the environment. Add to this high viability and efficiency of micro-organisms, increasing of soil fertility, water purification in reservoirs, reducing expenses, obtaining high and ecologically clean yields – and you will become fans of biotechnology too.

Veterinary biotechnology

Veterinary biotechnology is the direction of our inventions for the protection of pets’ health. Veterinary medicines of our company are based on strains of bacteria which are natural pathogenic microbes’ antagonists. Landed up in the gastrointestinal tract of an animal, probiotics destroy harmful bacteria and restore GIT, relieve stress and gastric mucosa inflammation, helps against intestinal infections and allergies, stimulate the immune system. Our veterinary preparations are divided into probiotics for birds, small or large animals, depending on their weight and age.

Water treatment – Water purification systems

Large and branched focus of our company is the water treatment. Biochem-Service develops and manufactures replacement filter elements for standard water treatment systems. These include:

  • various filters for reverse osmosis systems
  • carbon cartridges for water treatment

The dealer network of the company covers more than 30 cities throughout Ukraine. The company has its own service group, which means that we do not only supply equipment for water purification, but also develop solutions on a turnkey basis. We accompany our clients from the moment of sampling of water and up to adjusting and start-up procedures.

Our company actively cooperates with the Faculty of Cities’ Engineering Ecology of Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy named after A.N. Beketov. Many students have an opportunity to receive work experience, and graduates to get a job.

In addition to its own production, Biochem-Service is the exclusive supplier of TM Atoll (US-Russia), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household reverse osmosis systems. Also, we supply high quality activated carbons for general purpose or special purpose to various domestic enterprises of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Besides activated carbon, the company offers:

  • ion exchange resins for various purposes
  • salt pellets
  • quartz sand
  • resin charges for water purification from iron, manganese, heavy metals and other impurities.