Baikal EM-1-U for open ground

“Baikal EM-1-U” contains a large number of effective microorganisms (EM): lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, yeast fungi, and also enzymes, amino acids, etc. Its use will allow you:

  • restore soil fertility
  • accelerate the growth and development of plants
  • increase productivity
  • receive ecologically clean production with the best taste and appearance
  • increase resistance to unfavorable factors
  • abandon deep plowing
  • reduce composting time
  • increase the shelf life of the grown products.

Recommendations for use:

Depending on the type of treatment the solution of the preparation is prepared with different concentrations. Shake before use, dilute in non-chlorinated water.

Type of treatment Solution concentration Rate
Autumn treatment 1:100 500 l / 1 ha
Spring treatment 1:100 500 l / 1 ha
Steeping seeds 1:1000 1 l / 1 kg of seeds
Seedlings nutrition and plant care 1:1000 2-3 l / m2
Crop spraying 1:1000 5 l / ha


Soil treatment:

  1. Autumn treatment. Use the solution after harvesting. Then conduct shallow cultivation.
  2. Spring treatment. Conduct the treatment 2-3 weeks before sowing. The temperature must be 10°С or

Steeping seeds: steep seeds in the solution for 1-2 hours. Dry the seeds in a dark place.

Seedlings nutrition and plant care. When planting seedlings with a machine, water the soil with the solution. After planting, water the plants with the solution of the same concentration once a day, until the plants take root. During the growth period, irrigate or water the plants with the solution once every 2 weeks.

Spraying plants. We recommend spraying plants in the evening.


Store the product in closed bottle in a dark cold place, preferable in a fridge. Store the ready-made working solution for no more than 2 days.