Baikal EM-1-U for protected ground

The preparation “Baikal EM-1-U” for the protected ground is intended for application in hotbeds and greenhouses. A distinctive feature of “Baikal EM-1-U” from other microbiological preparations is its multicomponent. As a result the preparation is characterized by the versatility in application, and greater efficiency. It gives the opportunity to grow the same crop in one place for several seasons without changing the soil.

Application of Baikal will allow you to:

  • significantly reduce the cost of decontamination of soil in greenhouses
  • reduce production primecosts
  • reduce composting time
  • improve the quality of soil mixtures
  • increase germination ability of seeds
  • accelerate the development of plants
  • increase resistance to diseases and adverse conditions
  • get the harvest earlier and extend the fruit bearing
  • grow environmentally friendly products of high quality
  • increase the shelf life of the products.

Recommendations for use:

Depending on the type of treatment the solution of the preparation is prepared with different concentrations. Shake before use, dilute in non-chlorinated water.

Type of treatment Solution concentration Rate
Soil treatment 1:100 1-1,5 l / 1 m2
Steeping seeds 1:1000 1 l / 1 kg of seeds
Plant care 1:1000 2 l / m2


Soil treatment. Conduct the treatment 2-3 weeks before sowing. When watering the soil conduct mulching. Temperature should be between 15-30°С. This treatment replaces the decontamination of the soil.

Steeping seeds. Steep seeds in the solution for 1-2 hours. Dry the seeds in a dark place.

Plant care. Water the plants with the solution once in 7-14 days.

Store the product in closed bottle in a dark cold place, preferable in a fridge. Store the ready-made working solution for no more than 2 days.