Biological products and plant protection agents

In modern life a country house or a summer cottage became a distinctive symbol of prosperity and comfort. At the same time an urban resident does not want to lose the usual conveniences even a bit. The biological products, made on the basis of natural properties of bacteria’s vital activities, substantially contribute to the quality and comfort of a country life.

Biodestruction agents

These are biological products obtained on the basis of microorganisms and aimed at recycling organic biowastes produced as a result of a man’s life activity. The bacteria grown in the laboratory conditions not only accelerate the processes of decomposition for organic substances but also remove a pathogenic (causing a disease) microflora. Destroying putrefactive bacteria, the “cultured” strains of microorganisms clear up the area from the stench of decomposing wastes, converting those wastes into a natural fertilizer and thus the natural microflora of the fertile soil layer is renewed. The biodestruction agents will easily cope with sanitary drain pipes cleansing, with emptying septic tanks or cesspools, processing of compost into fertilizers.

Crop protection products

The advanced biological crop protection products, created by the company “Biochem-Service”, are effective in protecting the countryside area from insect plant pests being at the same time absolutely harmless not only for beneficial insects, but for people and animals.

Our biological products for crop protection will be quite helpful in protecting plants against plant diseases and pests.