KALIUS for composting


151102 äëÿ êîìïîñòóâàííÿ 20ãMany gardeners and amateur truck farmers have a problem of recycling the organic refuse at their garden or vegetable plots. It has been known for a long time that to a large extent composting of organic wastes solves not only the problems with the amount of organic refuse, but also facilitates the improving of the soil fertility, simultaneously saving money on fertilizers. The properly prepared compost itself is an excellent fertilizer and a nutrient bio-fertilization for plants, at the same time it does not have any harmful effect on the soil ecology.

Biodestruction agent KALIUS for composting is aimed at acceleration of the organic wastes decomposition. The bacteria of a special purpose (В. subtilis and В. Licheniformis) cultured in the laboratory conditions, are dehumidified and dried by means of special technologies and are mixed with mineral substances to become a culture medium for microorganisms. In this state these bacteria can be stored for a long time in the “sleeping” condition, waiting for their application.


The bacteria for composting are intended to accelerate the process of composting, i. e. to accelerate the process of the organic wastes decomposition. The bacteria play an active role in quick composting, they neutralize unpleasant smells around the rotting composting masses, they destroy seeds of weeds and pathogenic microorganisms, and in the soil they produce micronutrient elements necessary for plant growth.

You will be able to get an organic fertilizer of high quality for any types of soils and for any sorts of plants applying the bacteria for composting. Applying the biological product KALIUS for composting you will grow a good crop at your garden or vegetable plots and you will be able not to apply any chemical fertilizers and that surely will result in the marked improvement of the ecological situation. The plants that are grown with the application of compost will be more disease, pests and weather resistant. The plants will become resistant to the changes of temperature and humidity.

Application and Dosage

You should not have any complex equipment or have some special expenses to form compost. The wastes composting can take place in a compost heap, in a pit, a compost bin or a ditch.

Any organic wastes can be applied, including: paper, sawdust, food wastes, organic kitchen refuse, litter or bedding for animals, straw and plant tops, husks of sunflower seeds and cereals and fallen leaves. The organic components can be mixed at once or placed in layers, but not more than 15 cm each, the layers should not be tamped; there should be air gaps.

To increase the effectiveness of compost enhancing bacteria in the process of composting, some amount of fertile soil can be added to the biomass, approximately 1/10th of the total amount of compost. Soil facilitates the development of beneficial bacteria, the retention of water and nitrogen compounds in the composting biomass. The microorganisms for compost need water to be activated. 20 g of the biological product KALIUS for composting is dissolved in 10 l of warm and not chlorinated water – it is approximate amount for 300 kg of biomass. The solution should be settled at room temperature from 12 to 24 hours, and then it should be stirred and added evenly to the compost layers with the aid of garden sprayer.

For the highest efficiency of bacteria in compost the water should be retained in 50-60% of the total biomass. The inflow of air is necessary. It is enough to stir the biomass in the compost heap once every 15 days with a garden fork or a shovel. Heat release during the process of composting is one of the indicators of the activity of the microorganisms; the highest effect of the biological product is achieved at the temperature above + 25°С. The compost, when the biological product KALIUS is added, is considered to be ready after the period of 3 – 4 weeks for food wastes or 1,5 – 2 months for paper and sawdust. Nevertheless you can already apply the obtained decomposed organic matter to the soil in a week, as the further compost formation, due to the beneficial bacteria, will take place in the soil, as well.


  • the biological product KALIUS contains only natural bacteria;
  • the cultured microorganisms are natural antagonists to pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria and actively destroy them;
  • the enzymes that are added to the product, facilitate decomposition of organic wastes, accelerating the activity of bacteria;
  • the biobacteria have a high viability, being effective for a long time;
  • the increasing of soil fertility in a short period time;
  • the biological product KALIUS is absolutely harmless for man, animals, insects and earthworms;
  • the product is of high concentration – the maximum number of viable bacteria in 1g of the product (CFU (colony-forming unit) / g) is not less than 1 * 109;
  • the biological product KALIUS invariably retains its qualities at the storage temperatures of – 30°C – +30°С.