EFFECT fertilizer for flowering plants


160901 åôôåêò äëÿ öâåòóùèõ 20ã Flowering plants require particularly scrupulous care in autumn and winter. In winter, plants suffer from cold weather and short photoperiod, and are more susceptible to various bacterial diseases. For your plants to feel nice and comfortable, and also to delight you with their flowering more often we recommend using Effect fertilizer for flowering plants.

Effect fertilizer for flowering plants is a natural soil improver (meliorant), plant growth stimulant, a source of silicon and essential micro- and macronutrients in plant-available form.

Used for flowering indoor plants and in floriculture.

It is used for planting and transplanting plants to enhance immunity and resistance to adverse conditions.

Effect fertilizer for flowering plants:

  • accelerates plant growth and development, promotes long and frequent blooming
  • stimulates the active formation of flower buds and their bright colors
  • increases immunity and resistance to adverse conditions
  • provides resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases of plants
  • increases root mass of the plant due to the micro- and macronutrients
  • regulates soil humidity, reduces the frequency of watering 1.5 times


Spill package contents onto the surface around the plant and gently mix with the topsoil without damaging the root system. Conduct not abundant watering.

We recommend to apply fertilizer once in 2 months and during transplantating. For maximum effect, we recommend using the following proportions:

Consumption rate, g Volume of a flower pot, L
 20 g (1 pack) 1 L – 5 L
 40 g (2 packs) 5 L – 10 L
 60 g (3 packs) from 10 L


Shelf life: 2 years from production date.