EFFECT fertilizer for foliage plants

160606 åôôåêò äëÿ çåëåíûõ 20ã112_75Foliage plants are a group of plants that have the original shape and color of the leaves. As a rule, representatives of this group of plants bloom very dim, but because of the attractiveness of their leaves, they have high decorative properties year round. To ensure health of the plant, growth and development of its leaves, and their rich green color we recommend using EFFECT fertilizer for foliage plants.

EFFECT fertilizer for foliage plants is a natural soil improver (meliorant), plant growth stimulant, a source of silicon and essential micro- and macronutrients in plant-available form.

EFFECT fertilizer for foliage plants:

  • nourishes plants with necessary nutrients, providing a rich green color of leaves
  • enhances immunity and resistance to adverse conditions and diseases
  • increases root mass of the plant due to the micro and macro (Mg2+, Zn2+, В3+, etc.)
  • accelerates growth and development of leaves and plants
  • regulates soil humidity, reduces the frequency of watering 1.5 times


Spill package contents onto the surface around the plant and gently mix with the topsoil without damaging the root system. Conduct not abundant watering.

We recommend to apply fertilizer once in 2 months and during transplantating. For maximum effect, we recommend using the following proportions:

Consumption rate, g Volume of a flower pot, L
 20 g (1 pack) 1 L – 5 L
 40 g (2 packs) 5 L – 10 L
 60 g (3 packs) from 10 L


Shelf life: 2 years from production date.