EFFECT fertilizer for houseplants

Підкормка Effect універсальна 20г

To make houseplants grew well, bloom brightly and please us with their beauty, it is necessary to provide them with quality care. As houseplants have a limited supply of nutrients in the soil, they need regular fertilizing, with a balanced content of essential micro- and macronutrients.

The need in supplemental nutrition arises during the growing season – when plants are actively growing and blooming. And to please us with bright blooming and exuberant foliage plant should be given all necessary nutrition.

However, for different types of plants need different ratio of nutrients, for example, the needs of foliage plant are different from flowerer’s needs.

Effect fertilizer is geared towards to the characteristics of different types of houseplants and is a source of silicon and essential micro- and macronutrients (Mg2+, Zn2+, В3+, Mo2+, etc.) in plant-available form. Based on zeolite, fertilizer Effect has the following advantages: makes it possible to prolong the action of fertilization and prevent the leaching of nutrients. Using zeolite not only contributes to the beautiful blooms and active growth, but also increases the resistance of plants to diseases and adverse conditions.

In addition to the basic nutrition elements Effect contains a set of useful soil microorganisms: Bacillus subtilis and Azotobacter vinelandii. These microorganisms produce a variety of physiologically active substances that have a positive effect on plant growth and development, actively restore natural soil layer.

Bacillus subtilis has a strong antagonistic activity against fungi of the genus Fusarium, Bipolaris, Ophiobolus, Puccinia, and also against a broad spectrum of bacterial plant diseases. Bacillus subtilis is able to mobilize hardly soluble phosphates of soil, thereby contributing to nutrient uptake.

Azotobacter vinelandii increases the resistance of plants to abiotic stress factors (variations in temperature, soil moisture content, light), promotes the growth of plants and transforms nitrogen in forms available to plants.

The range of Effect fertilizers includes products for flowering houseplants, for decorative foliage plants and orchids, as well as universal Effect fertilizer for houseplants, which contains a complete set of minerals and is suitable for almost all plants.

The advantages of  Effect for houseplants:

  • enhances immunity and resistance to adverse conditions
  • inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora
  • increases the root mass of the plant due to the minerals
  • accelerates plant growth and development, promotes long and frequent blooming
  • regulates soil moisture content, reduce watering frequency
  • improves nutrient uptake (NPK)


Package contents emptied onto the surface around the plant and gently mix with the topsoil without damaging the root system. Conduct not abundant watering.

We recommended to use fertilizer once in 2 month and the plant transplantation.

For maximum effect, we recommend using the following proportions:

Consumption rate, g Volume of a flower pot, L
20 (1 package) 1 L – 5 L
40 (2 package) 5 L – 10 L
60 (3 package) from 10 L

Shelf life: 3 years from production date.