KAPUTT biological insectoacaricide


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Name of the product based on its action. Insecticides are agents for the control of insect pests; acaricides are products for the control of mites. KAPUTT is developed on the basis of life-sustaining activity of soil fungus Streptomyces avermitilis. Product’s action applies to mites, Colorado potato beetle, Lepidoptera’s larvae and sawflies, aphids, greenhouse whitefly, thrips and other insect pests.

KAPUTT allows you to:

  • get rid of pests without poisoning plants and people
  • restore natural microflora of the soil
  • one product to protect plants from several species of parasites

Among the KAPUTT’s advantages, in addition to effective insect pest control, it’s also important that the product rapidly degrades in soil and in the water under the action of ultraviolet rays, and therefore does not harm the ecology of the area. The drug is completely safe for human, any warm-blooded animals, bees and earthworms. The product is so harmless that it can be used even during harvest time, 48 hours prior to eating the crops. Biological agent is not addictive in pests, which means it can be reused for the survived parasites. One of the excellent properties of KAPUTT is its directed action only on insects, which are harmful to plants. An important point is also low sufficient dose of active ingredient (from 0.4 to 4.0 g / ha).

Conditions for effective use of the preparation

Біоінсектицид Kaputt 240млDue to the fact that the drug rapidly degrades under sunlight, the most appropriate time for treatment is in the evening, in a warm and dry weather. For the best result we recommend to use spraying device, uniformly wetting the surface of the leaf or stem. Landed in the intestine or on the surface of the parasite KAPUTT invades the nervous system of pests causing paralysis and then death. Sawfly insects stop feeding within 4-8 hours after treatment, and sucking parasites lose their motion activity after 8-16 hours, and after 2-3 days the insect dies. Mass mortality of pests occurs on 5-6 day. However, it should be kept in mind that under the influence of heavy dew or light precipitation, or sharp decrease of temperature biological product begins to decompose very quickly. Therefore, for maximum effect, it is recommended to repeat treatment after 7 days. In addition to this, significant improvement of the effectiveness may be achieved by using the product in conjunction with the sticking agent.

Application and dosage

The biological product is being used in form of process solution; usage rate as shown in the table. Should be used within 24 hours after preparing.

Culture Insect Pest Usage rate, ml/l
Potatoes Colorado beetle 4
Flowers (roses and others) Spider mite, aphid, thrips 5
Fruit and berry crops Mites, sawfly, leaf-roller moth, spider mite 5-6
Vegetables Spider mite 4
Aphid 8
Thrips 10

1 teaspoon contains 5 ml of the product.

Attention: despite the fact that the product in its original packaging can be stored for up to two years without losing its properties, the prepared process solution shouldn’t be stored.