KALIUS for pipe cleaning


151102 äëÿ ïðî÷èñòêè òðóá 20ãThe effective biological product for cleaning pipes, washbasin siphons and baths.

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Dissolves hair
  • Accelerates the natural decomposition of organic accumulations
  • Retains pipes in operable condition
  • Reduces the cost of sewage service

KALIUS is a complex of effective micro-organisms and enzymes, which are used for cleaning heavily contaminated sewage pipes, siphons, kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Dissolves food residues, hair, grease and protein deposits. It deodorizes and kills pathogenic microbes. Safe for plastic pipes.

Method of application:

  1. Dissolve 20 g of a biological product in 500 ml of warm (40 °C) non-chlorinated water.
  2. Keep at room temperature for 60 min., stirring intermittently with a non-metallic object.
  3. Pour working solution of biological product in sink for night, the rate of 20 g per 5 m of sewer pipe.

With regular use gives a stable result. Prevents deposits in pipes and supports the drainage system in working condition. Thereafter, for the prevention periodically (2-3 times a month) apply the necessary amount of a biological product, or as needed.

Attention! Do not use chemicals for 24 hours before and after treatment.

Ingredients: a complex of effective micro-organisms and enzymes.