KALIUS for grease and oil decomposition

151102ðîçêëàäàííÿ æèð³â 20ãKALIUS for grease and oil decomposition is an effective biological product for fat decompounding.

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Accelerates the natural decomposition of fat sedimentation
  • Dissolves food residues
  • Reduces fat buildup

KALIUS – a complex of effective microorganisms and enzymes, which are used to clean the inside surfaces of pipes from fat sedimentation and organic residues in the sewers, grease trap and drain wells.


  1. Dissolve 20 g of product in 500 ml of warm (< 40 ° C), non-chlorinated water.
  2. Keep at room temperature for 60 min., stir with a non-metallic object.
  3. The process solution is to pour in sink for the night, the rate of 20 g per 5 m of sewer pipe.

With continued use gives a stable result. It prevents fat sedimentation in pipes and supports the sewage system in working condition.

For the prophylaxis periodically (2-3 times a month) add the necessary amount of a biological product, or as needed.

Attention! Do not use chemicals for 24 hours before and after treatment.

Composition: a complex of effective microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients.