About company

BIOCHEM-SERVICE is a Ukrainian company that has specialized in the development and production of effective biological products based on live bacteria since 2003.

The newest technologies used by our company are aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of agriculture, protection, and environmental protection.

In the production of biological products, technological processes are used based on the properties of microorganisms and cell cultures, which make it possible to obtain substances and compounds necessary for the health and life of people and animals. The use of renewable resources, unlike the chemical industry, is not only not harmful to the Earth’s ecology, but, on the contrary, serves to cleanse the environment.

Areas of work of the BIOCHEM-SERVICE company


The basis of technological processes for the production of various biological products of our company is living bacteria in a dormant state. Once in the appropriate environment, bacteria “wake up” and begin to actively feed and multiply, creating the desired effect.

Biodestructors (bio activators, bio septic)

Are biological products developed for the disposal of organic pollution and human waste, for the treatment of wastewater, septic tanks, and cesspools.


Are bacteria that promote the disposal of organic waste in septic tanks or cesspools.

Bio activators

– bacteria that decompose plant biomass in compost into mineral constituents.

Biodegradants for reservoirs

Are microbes that cleanse water bodies from organic pollution and bloom.


Are biological products based on bacteria-derived from natural enemies of fungal and bacterial plant diseases.


– these are bacteria, microorganisms that defeat ticks, insect pests, and their larvae.

When developing biological products, BIOCHEM-SERVICE uses bacterial strains:

bacillus licheniformis;

bacillus subtilis;

bacillus megaterium;

bacillus thuringiensis;

lactobacillus casei;

lactococcus lactis.

Plant protection products (PPP)

Are biological means of protection, developed on the basis of a biological method of combating parasites and plant pests, based on the struggle existing in nature between certain microorganisms that live in the soil or on plants.

Veterinary drugs

– these are bacteria, biological products are developed to protect the health of pets. Biological products for animals are based on strains of bacteria – natural antagonists of pathogenic microbes. Getting into the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of animals, probiotics destroy harmful bacteria that restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, relieve animal stress and inflammation of the gastric mucosa, help with intestinal infections and allergies, and stimulate the immune system. Our veterinary products are divided into probiotics for birds, small or large animals, depending on their weight and age.

Water treatment

– this is a large and important area of ​​work for our company. BIOCHEM-SERVICE develops and manufactures replaceable filter elements for standard water purification systems (osmosis, reverse osmosis, water filters, carbon cartridge, tableted salt).

Activated carbon

It is used in many water purification processes, in the food industry, in chemical technology processes.

Activated carbon can be obtained from various carbonaceous raw materials – wood, coal and brown coal, peat, etc.

In the industrial production of activated carbon, coal, coconut shells, and wood are most often used as raw materials.

First, coal-containing raw materials are subjected to carbonization – roasting at a high temperature in an inert environment without air access. At the same time, the obtained carbonization has poor adsorption qualities, since its pore sizes are small and the internal surface area is rather small. Therefore, the carbonization is subjected to activation to obtain a specific pore structure and improve the adsorption properties.