BIOCHEM-SERVICE has been specializing in the development and production of effective biological products based on live bacteria since 2003.

Today the company’s products are known under several brands:

Kalius – biological products designed for the disposal of organic pollutants and human waste, for wastewater treatment, septic tanks, latrine pits, and reservoirs.

Effect – universal biological products designed for the treatment of gardens, vineyards, and orchards for the prevention and treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases of plants, while serving for nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization of plants.

BioSticker is an effective bioadhesive for nourishing and protecting plants from pests and diseases. Made on the basis of effective biological substances obtained naturally.

Kaputt – a biological product derived from the activity of soil fungi Streptomyces avermitilis, and is a means of controlling insect pests and mites.

FatOFF (ZhirOFF) is an effective biological product for breaking down fat in fat traps in cafes, restaurants, and other food establishments.

Soot STOP is a concentrated means for non-contact removal of soot and resin in furnaces, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, and heating system components. Provides effective catalytic oxidation and removal of soot and resinous substances.

Watermelon – the high-quality equipment for water purification and preparation. Watermelon water filters and purification systems have a long service life and guarantee the removal of various types of impurities and provide consumers with useful, high-quality, and natural water.