Biological preparations

Biologics are preparations made with the help of complex molecules, living microorganisms, plants, or animal cells. Many biological products are produced using recombinant DNA technology. They are sometimes called biopharmaceutical or biological drugs.

One of the fastest-growing segments of agricultural resources is biological products. Agricultural biologicals are a group of diverse products derived from natural microorganisms, plant extracts, beneficial insects, and other organic substances. Usually, they are divided into two or three main categories according to their use in agriculture:

Biostimulants (plant growth products/productivity enhancers).

Biopesticides (plant protection products or biocontrol agents).

Bioproducts for plant nutrition.

The market for agricultural biologicals is projected to reach approximately $ 14.65 billion by 2023, with an equal distribution between biostimulants and biopesticides.

Why biologics?

The growth of the market for agricultural biologicals is due to various factors. First and foremost, there is a need for innovation to meet the nutritional needs of the world’s growing population. At the same time, there is a growing demand for the resistance of agriculture to various pests, consumer interest in organic products, resistance to weeds and insects to chemicals that are used in agriculture. It is also important how the various drugs used in agriculture affect the environment in modern agricultural practice.

Modern agricultural biologics offer a new way to tackle these challenges and provide a sustainable and sustainable approach to growing crops that can meet the growing demand for food and biofuels.

Supporting sustainable agricultural development

Biochim-Service supports organic farming with a new generation of biologically active substances for plant nutrition.

Biochem-Service products are biological substances obtained from the natural environment of microorganisms and the biochemical products they produce (for example, organic acids, proteins, enzymes). These biologics are key functional components of our commercial bioproduct technology that interact with the plant-soil system to increase the availability and absorption of nutrients applied as fertilizers or already in the soil or plant debris.

For two decades, we have been investing in research and development aimed at developing new products based on biology and biochemistry.

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of plant nutrition programs and provide growers with the biologics they need to increase productivity, yield, and plant resilience.


One of the areas of work of the BIOCHEM-SERVICE company is agrobiotechnology.

Biologics developed by our company from live bacteria have a targeted effect and help to solve many problems in everyday life.

Biodegradants, fungicides, acaricides – each of these preparations contain a certain set of microorganisms that are most suitable for the tasks at hand. Live bacteria, which are part of our biological products, are at rest. Once in an environment containing organic pollution, bacteria «wake up» and begin to actively feed and multiply. As a result of their activity, complex organic molecules are broken down into simpler ones, which are well absorbed by plants and are an excellent nutritional supplement for the ripening of fruits and berries.

Just as antibodies in the body fight foreign bacteria, our company’s biological products help to destroy insect pests or plant diseases.

Fungicides are biological products derived from natural enemies of fungal and bacterial plant diseases.

Acaricides are microorganisms that defeat ticks, insect pests, and their larvae.

Bioseptics promote the disposal of organic waste in septic tanks or cesspools.

Bio activators work by decomposing plant biomass in compost heaps to mineral constituents.

Biodestructors cleanse water bodies from organic pollution and bloom.

The exclusive advantage of biological products over chemical treatment is their absolute harmlessness to humans and the environment. Add to this the high vitality and efficiency of microorganisms, increasing soil fertility, cleaning water bodies, reducing costs, obtaining high and environmentally friendly yields – and you, too, will become fans of biotechnology.

Biochem-Service preparations:

Biological product Effect for seed soaking;

Biological product Effect for fruit and berry crops;

Biological product Effect for grapes;

Biological product Effect for cucumbers;

Biological product Effect for tomatoes;

Biological product Effect is universal.

Leaf dressing Effect:

Feeding for indoor plants Effect;

Effect feeding for flowering plants;

Effect feeding for decorative deciduous plants;

Effect feed for orchids;

Effect universal foliar application;

Effect leaf dressing for orchids;

Effect leaf dressing for flowering;

Effect leaf dressing for ornamental fruits;

Effect leaf dressing for decorative deciduous.

Plant feed Effect:

Top dressing for decorative deciduous plants Effect;

Top dressing for fruit and ornamental plants Effect;

Feeding for flowering plants Effect;

Top dressing universal leaf Effect;

Top dressing universal Effect;

Feeding for indoor plants Effect;

Top dressing for orchids.

Biological products «Baikal EM»:

«Baikal EM-1-U» for seedlings;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for flowering;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for household needs;

Probiotic food supplement «Baikal EM-1-U»;

«Baikal EM-1-U» concentrate;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for houseplants;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for closed ground;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for open ground;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for the garden;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for grapes;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for potatoes;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for cucumbers;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for roses;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for strawberries;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for tomatoes;

«Baikal EM-1-U» for orchids.