Pond cleaning

Why do you need to clean the pond?

Water bodies occupy a fairly large part of our landscape, and their condition as ecological systems and resources plays an extremely important role for people. As a rule, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water are the main recreational sources for all people. Sportfishing, swimming, and boating are very popular recreational activities, and waterfront properties tend to be expensive.

Also, reservoirs are used as supplies of drinking water.

Pond cleaning

The reservoirs can be used by humans and for commercial purposes: fish farming, logistics, irrigation, industrial water supply, and wastewater disposal.

In addition to economic and recreational value, water bodies play an extremely important ecological role, because they affect both the microclimate and the state of the environment.

Rivers, ponds, and lakes store water, thereby helping to regulate groundwater levels; they feed groundwater aquifers; contain moderate droughts.

Also, reservoirs are a natural habitat for aquatic and semi-aquatic plants and animals, which, in turn, provide food for many terrestrial animals; and they add variety to the landscape.

Ternopil pond

The active use of water bodies leads to pollution and disruption of established ecosystems.

Rehabilitation of reservoirs, their cleaning is a relatively recent idea.

At the same time, there are several approaches to such activities:

1. Improvement of conditions in a body of water specially designated for fishing, water supply, or recreation. In fact, we are talking about reducing the influence of negative factors in the conduct of economic activities on the reservoir itself.

2. Return of the reservoir to its original natural state, which aims to restore the ecological properties of the lake or river.

For the long-term restoration of a water body, it is important to control the source of its pollution.

River Snow

In the event of eutrophication of the reservoir, the concentration of nutrients, especially phosphorus, decreases. In some cases, this can also mean that it is necessary to reduce a load of sludge and organic matter on the reservoir.

It is also important to control shifts in biota, the disappearance of the environment for living things, physical changes in bottom sediments, and hydrology of the reservoir.

Quite often, simple removal of pressures may not be sufficient to improve water quality and ecosystem structure. That is why it is necessary to use methods of reservoir restoration.