As a rule, plant protection against diseases and pests is based on the use of modern chemical pesticides and fungicides, which has exacerbated environmental problems.
Today, chemicals are highly toxic substances that accumulate in large quantities in the soil, get into food, adversely affect the organisms of agrobiocenoses and water bodies. High resistance of pesticides, non-specificity of their action leads to the accumulation of toxic residues in the environment and, as a consequence, there are profound changes in ecosystems, threatening human life.
BIOCHEM-SERVICE develops and implements environmentally friendly biological methods, drugs and fertilizers to control plant diseases and pests that are an alternative to the traditional use of chemical pesticides. The effective plant protection products developed by BIOCHIM-SERVICE will help you to get rid of the site from insect pests, while remaining completely harmless not only to beneficial insects, but also to humans or animals. 
Biofungicide Effect;
Biofungicide Effect for tomatoes;
Biofungicide Effect for cucumbers;
Biofungicide Effect for grapes;
Biofungicide Effect of fruit and berry crops;
Effect for soaking seeds;
Feeding for houseplants Effect;
Feeding for flowering plants Effect;
Feeding for ornamental and deciduous plants Effect;
Feeding for orchids Effect;
Leaf fertilizer for orchids Effect;
Leaf fertilizer Effect Universal;
Foliar fertilizer for flowering Effect;
Leaf fertilizer for fruit and decorative Effect;
Foliar fertilizer for decorative deciduous Effect;
Insecticide Kaputt;
Kaputt for flowers;
Baikal for houseplants;
Baikal for seedlings;
Baikal EM-1-U for open ground;
Baikal EM-1-U for the closed ground;
Baikal EM-1-U for houseplants;
Baikal EM-1-U concentrate.Our biological products will become your indispensable helpers, taking on the fight against plant diseases and pests will restore the natural microflora of the fertile soil layer.