Fertilizers for flowers

Effect for flowers

Biofungicide Effect is a universal preparation intended for processing flowers in order to prevent and treat fungal and bacterial diseases of plants, at the same time serves for nitrogenous and phosphorus fertilization of plants.

The biological method of combating parasites and plant pests is based on the struggle existing in nature between certain microorganisms living in the soil or on plants. Beneficial bacteria (Azotobacter vinelandii, Bacillus subtilis), which are part of the bio fungicide Effect, are natural enemies of a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases: scab, wilting, blackleg, late blight, seed mold, root rot, seed rot, powdery mildew, leaf rust, head smut, bladder smut, Alternaria, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Septoria, and many others.

The number of viable cells of microorganisms is called colony-forming units (CFU) – this is a viable bacterium that, reproducing, can form a whole colony if it adapts in a nutrient medium. For bio fungicide Effect, this number is not less than 1.0 x 109 per 1 g of the preparation.

We also offer a range of products designed specifically for tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, and fruit crops. Each preparation is created specifically for a particular plant and contains bacterial strains that are most effective against diseases inherent in this species, as well as micro- and macroelements in concentrations selected for optimal plant nutrition.

Biofungicide Effect allows

protect plants from diseases is safe for plants and yourself;

increase the yield up to 30%;

improve plant development;

increase soil fertility;

get an environmentally friendly harvest.

The principle of fertilizer operation:

Bacillus subtilis microorganisms feed on fungal spores that cause plant diseases. The bacteria Azotobacter vinelandii process the dead pests, while enriching the soil with microelements useful for plants such as nicotinic and pantothenic acids, biotin, heteroauxin, nitrogen, phosphorus.

As a result of the vital activity of the colonies of these bacteria, plants acquire immunity to various diseases, the resistance of plants to frost and drought increases, and the shelf life of vegetables and fruits is extended.

Why Effect?

absolutely non-toxic to humans and animals, since the action of the drug is based on the natural properties of microorganisms;

the biological product does not accumulate in plants and fruits, soil, organisms of animals and humans;

promotes the development of beneficial soil microflora;

restores the soil after the application of pesticides;

inhibits the growth and development of a large number of species of plant disease pathogens;

retains viability for a long time in the environment where it is introduced;

can be applied at any stage of plant development, even 48 hours before harvest;

does not affect the change in the taste of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.