Water purification systems

Water treatment – the whole process of pre-purification of drinking water from portable houses. The essence of water preparation is in healthy water and from coarsely dispersed and colossal processes of salts, which can be found in the new – a chain of additional help to eliminate the deposition of scale, use of salts with steam, corrosion of metals, processing.

Traditionally, water treatment involves the following methods of water treatment.

Methods of water treatment

mechanical cleaning from insoluble contaminants (sand, dirt, rust, scale, etc.);

lighting – removal from water by coagulation, settling, and filtration of colloidal and suspended contaminants;

mitigation – elimination of water hardness by precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts with soda and lime or their removal from water by catenation;

desalination and desalination are ion exchange or distillation in evaporators;

removal of dissolved gases by heat or chemical treatment, removal of iron oxide, manganese, and copper by filtration;

biological purification of water from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms by chlorination, ozonation, or UV sterilization;

possible options for water treatment by ultrasound; improving the organoleptic properties of water by removing substances that give water a specific odor (hydrogen sulfide, chlorine), a number of organic substances.

Water treatment is a rather big direction of work of the BIOCHEM-SERVICE company.

Areas of work

we develop and make replaceable filtering elements under standard systems of water purification: various filters for the reverse osmosis system;

charcoal cartridges for water purification.

Dealer network

The company’s dealer network covers more than 30 cities throughout Ukraine. The company has its own Service Department, which means that we not only supply water treatment equipment but also develop turnkey solutions. companies.

BIOCHEM-SERVICE accompanies its customers from the moment of water sampling to commissioning.


The company actively cooperates with the Faculty of Urban Ecology of Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy named after O.M. Бекетова. Many students have the opportunity to do an internship with us, and graduates – to get a job.

In addition to its own production, the company BIOCHEM-SERVICE is a supplier of tools for water treatment.

Components for water purification

high-quality activated carbon both for general purposes and for special tasks to various domestic enterprises of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries;

ion exchange resins for various purposes;

tableted salt

quartz sand;

special downloads to remove iron, manganese, heavy metals, and other impurities from the water.