Ion exchange resin

Ion exchange resins for water softening

Ion exchange resin (cation exchange resin) is used in filters to reduce water hardness. Cation exchange resins are used in softener filters and integrated water purification systems. Also, ion exchange resins are a part of multicomponent mixes for flowing models of filters and filters-jugs. A layer of polymer filter material normalizes the hardness of water, which protects household appliances from the scale.

Ion exchange resin is a granular material that is poured into the filter housing with respect to a certain layer height. During the operation of the filter, the ions of hardness salts (calcium and magnesium) contained in the source water are replaced by sodium ions. As a result of this process, the level of water hardness is normalized.

Ion exchange resin

Advantages of ion exchange resin:

High mitigation efficiency;

Affordable price;

Possibility of multiple regenerations;

Long service life;

Stability of working characteristics.

One of the main advantages of ion exchange resin is the ability of the material to regenerate. The regeneration process is to wash the filter material with a solution of tableted salt. After regeneration, the material almost completely restores its working properties.

The period between regeneration cycles depends on the quality of the source water.

Ion exchange resin

Purpose of ion exchange resins

Ion exchange resin helps to solve one of the main problems of water – high hardness. The increased level of rigidity leads to the formation of scum on heating elements of household appliances and also causes unpleasant sensations during water procedures. Cationic filters reduce water hardness to the optimum value.

Resins for filter-softeners of gel-type differ instability of physical and chemical properties. The granular material is characterized by high speed and filtration efficiency. In addition to reducing stiffness, ion exchange resins are used to remove heavy metals and demineralize water. The material is delivered in bags of 25 liters.

Cation exchange resin can be used to soften artesian and tap water. Ion exchange resin filters are used both in the home and in the industry. The ability of resins to regenerate provides a long service life of the filter. Even when completed, you can buy the right amount of material and restore the performance of the water purification system.

Ion exchange resins in the range:

SR1L Na – strongly acidic cation exchanger in the Na-form.

С100Е – strongly acidic cation exchanger in Na-form.

This means cleaning and restoring ion exchange resins. NEW !!!

Removal of nitrates:

А520Е – strongly basic anion exchanger in the Cl-form.