There are about 5⦁1030 bacteria on the planet Earth. Their biomass exceeds the biomass of all plants and animals living on the planet combined.

Bacteria play an extremely important role in the nutrient cycle, for example, it is the bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen.

Similarly, bacteria decompose the remains of plants and animals by rot. 1 gram of soil contains more than 40 million bacterial cells, and 1 milligram of freshwater can contain a million bacteria.

Bacteria play a key role in economic activity – they decompose a variety of organic compounds, which are found in waste processing and bioremediation of the environment.

BIOCHEM-SERVICE is a manufacturer of biological products

The company BIOCHEM-SERVICE is a manufacturer of biological products for the disposal of organic waste of human life, as well as effective plant protection products.

In the development of biological products, the company BIOCHEM-SERVICE uses strains of bacteria.

Strains of bacteria

bacillus licheniformis;

bacillus subtilis;

bacillus megaterium;

bacillus thuringiensis;

lactobacillus casei;

lactococcus lactis.

The basis of technological processes for the production of various biological products of our company is live bacteria that are at rest. Once in the appropriate environment, bacteria “wake up” and begin to actively feed and multiply, creating the desired effect.


are biological products designed for the disposal of organic pollutants and human waste, for wastewater treatment, septic tanks, and latrine pits.


are bacteria that promote the disposal of organic waste in septic tanks or latrine pits.

Bio activators

– bacteria that decompose plant biomass in compost to mineral components.


for water, bodies are microbes that clean water bodies from organic pollution and flowering.


are biological products based on bacteria derived from natural enemies of fungal and bacterial plant diseases.


are bacteria, microorganisms that defeat mites, pests, and their larvae.

Effective microorganisms, (EM)

are mixed cultures of beneficial microorganisms with a predominance of photosynthetic, lactic acid bacteria, and yeast fungi. This is a stable community of aerobic and anaerobic species, in which the products of life of some microorganisms become food for others.

When introduced into the soil, EMs adapt to the new environment, reproduce and begin to intensively process organic matter into humus, saturating the soil with all the necessary nutrients for plants and cleaning it from contaminants, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

EM cultures do not contain genetically modified microorganisms; EMs are composed of mixed cultures of microorganisms that are found in the natural environment around the world.

Biologicals Effect

are universal preparations intended for the processing of gardens, vineyards, and kitchen gardens (including fruit tomatoes) for the purpose of prevention and treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases of plants, at the same time serves for nitrogenous and phosphorus feeding of plants. The biological method of controlling parasites and pests of plants is based on the existing nature control between some microorganisms living in the soil or on plants.


is an effective biological product for the nutrition and protection of plants from pests and diseases. Made on the basis of effective biological substances obtained naturally.

When treated with plant protection products without the use of adhesive, the carrier of the working solution is water. This approach raises problems such as poor fixation of the solution on the leaf surface, washing it off the plant during precipitation, evaporation of water from the leaf surface, which leads to poorer absorption of active substances by the plant. As a result, the duration of action of the drugs is short, requires more frequent treatments.


for water treatment is a natural biological preparation based on beneficial microorganisms and enzymes. It is applied in natural, artificial, decorative reservoirs, ponds.

Purifies water from organic contaminants, accelerating natural biological processes of self-purification.

Kalius pipe cleaner is a complex of effective microorganisms and enzymes used to clean heavily soiled sewer pipes, siphons, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs. Dissolves food residues, fat and protein deposits, hair.

Destroys odors and pathogenic microbes. Safe for plastic pipes.

Bioinsecticide Kaputt

The vast majority of insects that damage agricultural plants have their natural enemies (fungi, bacteria, viruses). Drugs based on the use of pests against natural enemies are called bioinsecticides.

Bioinsecticides are preparations that contain bacteria, such as the fungus Streptomyces avermitilis, that act on insects as a virus. When plant pests swallow bacteria, they die as a result of the virus.