Cesspool bacteria

Bacteria for Kalius cesspools is an optimal composition of bacteria that quickly and efficiently utilize natural household waste of human life, without disturbing the natural ecosystem. Bacteria bio destructors process vital “dangerous dumps” and “rubble” in places where waste accumulates (cesspools, compost heaps, etc.), providing natural purity and the natural course of the cycle of substances in nature.
KALIUS is a bio destruction agent that is obtained as a result of culturing specific bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis, then dehumidifying and drying them in special conditions, adding nutrients and nutritious materials. Such processing allows to preserve the clumps of beneficial bacteria in the “sleeping” condition and to use them with maximal effectiveness if needed.
The product is certified and meets technical specifications of ТУ У 20.1-32336363-001:2013.