Soot Chimney Stop

Soot Stop is a concentrated agent for the non-contact removal of soot and tar in furnaces, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, and heating system components.


improves heat transfer and efficiency of the heating system;

prevents the deposition of soot and tar;

with constant use, eliminates the risk of soot ignition;

reduces dust emissions;

prolongs the service life of the heating installation;

saves fuel costs and periodic chimney cleaning.

Soot, under normal conditions, burns out at t 800-900°C, and the STOP soot agent provides effective catalytic oxidation and removal of soot and resinous substances at a lower temperature t 350-400°C. Thus, the walls of the heat exchanger of a solid fuel boiler, furnace, chimney, and flue ducts are cleaned, improves heat exchange, and saves fuel up to 10%.

This helps to increase the life of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the heating system, as well as save costs for periodic cleaning.


Wrap 2 scoops of STOP soot (10 ml) in paper and throw into the flame of the molten furnace. For cleaning, it is recommended to use the agent every time the fire is lit (with continuous operation of the heating installation – once a day).

After 10 times, use the product with every 5-7th kindling. When using resinous fuels (for example, pellets with a high content of pine or sunflowers), it is advisable to double the dosage. Higher dosages provide better results. At the time of throwing the agent into the furnace and a couple of hours after that, the combustion temperature should be maintained at a high, since the agent operates at an exhaust gas temperature of at least 350°C.

When using resinous fuels (for example, pellets with a high content of pine or sunflower), the dosage should be doubled. Higher dosages provide better results.

Composition catalyst, catalyst enhancer, auxiliary substances.

The package in the middle contains the required measuring spoon.


200 ml

Storage conditions:

store in a closed manufacturer’s container in a dry, dark place out of the reach of children.

Shelf life:

2 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package corresponds to the batch number.