Biological growth stimulant for indoor plants

Добриво Байкал для кімнатних рослин
Growth stimulator for ornamental and deciduous plants
Fertilizer for foliage plants
Fertilizer for foliage plants Effect
Biological growth stimulant Baikal EM-1-U for indoor plants is a combined biofertilizer of complex action.

Biological fertilizers

The drug contains a large number of beneficial effective microorganisms (EM): lactic acid, photosynthetic, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, yeast, as well as enzymes, amino acids, etc.

Benefits of the drug

improves the quality of soil mixtures;
accelerates the growth and development of plants;
increases the number of flowering periods per year;
the color of the flower becomes brighter;
provides plant resistance to diseases, pests, and low temperatures.


Method of use
The consumption rate for different plants
Soil preparation
1 ml for 1 liter of water
Rooting of shoots
1 ml for 1 liter of water
Plant care
9 drops in 0.5 l of water


Soil preparation

A week before planting the plant, pour the required amount of soil or soil mixture into the pot and pour it with a solution of the preparation to moisture, when the lump compressed by hand breaks up from touch, cover the pot (to prevent drying out).

Rooting shoots

To speed up the start-up of the roots, put the sprout in a glass with a solution of the EM preparation.

Plant care

No more than once a week to water and irrigate the plants with a solution of the EM-preparation at the rate of consumption as with ordinary watering.
Treat drought-resistant plants as needed for water in general.

Storage rules for the drug

Store the drug in a closed container in a cool dark place at a temperature of 5-15 ° C.
Use the ready-made solution of the EM drug within three days.
Expiration date: 12 months.