Septic for cesspools

Antiseptic for cesspools Kalius
Antiseptic for cesspools Kalius
Kalius septic tank bacteria

Kalius antiseptic action

Cleaning of septic tanks and cesspools is based on the use of the vital activity of bacteria used in the work of a biological product. What is a waste for people, for some bacteria turns out to be food, from which they receive everything they need for their life – energy, and products for reproduction.
When it enters a cesspool, toilet, or septic tank, the bacteria of the biological product Kalius process sewage into the water, carbon dioxide, and light sediment, which is a fertilizer enriched with organic nitrogen.
For the most efficient operation, bacteria for septic tanks and cesspools must be used at temperatures from +4°C to +30°C with a constant flow of air. It is also worth remembering that not all human waste is food for microorganisms.
Household chemicals have a detrimental effect on such bacteria, plus some of the bacteria will be constantly washed out with water – therefore, for the constant processing of waste and fecal matter, it is necessary to periodically add a biological product to wastewater.
Thus, with strict adherence to the instructions, microorganisms feeding on organic waste can easily eliminate the stench; remove organic growths in sewer pipes without damaging them; restore the natural drainage of water into the soil; reduce the volume of feces, thereby reducing the frequency of pumping waste several times. In addition to the fact that the bacteria for septic tanks and cesspools contained in the biological product Kalius prevent the development of various pathogens, they are completely harmless to humans.

Benefits of Kalius Antiseptic:

contains only natural breeding strains of microorganisms;
is a stronger rival for putrefactive bacteria and pathogens;
the removed bacteria remain functional for a long time after “waking up”;
Kalius is absolutely harmless not only to humans, but also to animals, insects, and the entire environment;
this destructor has a high concentration of beneficial bacteria (at least 1*109 in 1 g of product), which allows processing the largest amount of waste with a small amount of the drug;
in the “dormant” state, these bacteria retain their viability at storage temperatures from -30°C to + 30°C.

Use and dosage of Kalius antiseptic

Preparation of the working solution: dissolve the required amount of Kalius cesspools in 10 liters of warm, non-chlorinated water.
Keep at room temperature for 60 minutes, stir.
The working solution of the destructor is added to the toilet, after which it is washed off with a sufficient amount of water.
In the future, it is necessary to add the required amount of bacteria once a month.

Calculation of the required dose

Starting dose
20 g or 1 measuring spoon for every 1 m3 of sewage volume 
10 g or 0.5 measuring spoons for every 1 m3 of sewage volume
One heaping scoop contains 20 g of Kalius biological product