Effect for orchids

Підживка для декоративно-листяних рослин Effect
Top dressing for decorative leafy plants Effect
Top dressing universal Effect for plants
Leaf dressing Effect Universal


Orchid feed

Orchids are very popular because of their bright unusual flower buds. But these flowers require special care. In order to ensure immunity and resistance to adverse conditions and diseases, and to saturate the plant with necessary materials we recommend using Effect fertilizer for orchids.
Effect fertilizer for orchids is a natural soil improver (meliorate), plant growth stimulant, a source of silicon, and essential micro- and macronutrients in plant-available form.
It is used for planting and transplanting orchids to enhance immunity and resistance to adverse conditions.

Effect fertilizer for orchids:

stimulates the formation of flower buds and promotes bright color of flowers;
accelerates growth and development of orchids, promotes long and frequent blooming;
increases root mass of the plant due to the micro- and macronutrients (Mg2+, Zn2+, В3+, etc.);
provides the necessary substances that enhance immunity and resistance to adverse conditions and diseases;
inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora;
regulates soil humidity, which contributes to a better penetration of all the necessary nutrients to the roots of orchids.

Effect for orchids


Spill package contents onto the surface around the plant. Conduct not abundant watering.
We recommend applying fertilizer once in 2 months and during transplanting. For maximum effect, we recommend using the following proportions:
Consumption rate, g
The volume of a flower pot, L
10 g (1 pack)
1 L – 5 L
20 g (2 packs)
5 L – 10 L
30 g (3 packs)
from 10 L

 Shelf life:

2 years from production date.