Reverse osmosis system RO-5

Reverse osmosis system Watermelon RO-5 P
Reverse osmosis system RO-5 P
Carbon cartridge WATERMELON CC-10
Carbon cartridge WATERMELON CC-10

Reverse osmosis system Watermelon RO-5

The water purification filter is based on the principle of reverse osmosis and consists of the following elements


They are used for preliminary purification of water from insoluble particles, chlorine, organic substances before the water reaches the membrane, and help to increase the service life of the main cleaning element of the system – the membrane.


Simplified, it is a semi-permeable material through which only water and oxygen molecules can pass. Thanks to the membrane unit, the water flow is divided into permeate (clean water) and concentrate (dirty water, filtered, is discharged into the sewer).

Storage capacity

A tank for storing clean water. The useful volume is 10 liters.


A carbon cartridge filled with activated carbon absorbs gases dissolved in the accumulator water, thereby improving the taste of water.

Reverse osmosis system RO-5


Cleaning steps: 5
Dimensions (without accumulator): 145x440x440
Accumulator Dimensions: W = 300, H = 400
Accumulator: 12 l
Daily productivity: 100-140l
Operating temperature: 4-40 ° С
Working pressure: 2.5-5.5 bar
Mineralizer: no
Booster pump: no
Shipping weight: 10.5 kg

Recommended replacement parts

1st stage 2nd stage 3rd stage Membrane 5th stage
Watermelon P5 Watermelon GAC-10/CC-10 Watermelon P1 TFC 50 GPD/
Watermelon Postfilter

Recommended timing of replacement of replaceable elements:

Prefilters: every 6 months
Membrane: every 24-30 months
Charcoal post-filter: every 6 months.


The actual timing of replacement of replaceable elements may differ significantly from the recommended ones due to the poor quality of the water supplied to the filter.