Sump biobacteria Kalius

Cesspool bacteria Kalius
Cesspool bacteria Kalius
Baikal for cesspools
Baikal for cesspools

Bio bacteria Kalius

Sump bio bacteria Kalius is an optimal composition of bacteria that quickly and efficiently utilizes natural household waste of human life, without disturbing the natural ecosystem. Bacteria-biodestructors process vital “dangerous dumps” and “rubble” in places where waste accumulates (cesspools, compost heaps, etc.), providing natural purity and the natural course of the cycle of substances in nature.
Sump bio bacteria Kalius is a bio destruction agent that is obtained as a result of culturing specific bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis, then dehumidifying and drying them in special conditions, adding nutrients and nutritious materials. Such processing allows to preserve the clumps of beneficial bacteria in the “sleeping” condition and to use them with maximal effectiveness if needed.
The product is certified and meets technical specifications of ТУ У 20.1-32336363-001:2013.

Sump biobacteria Kalius


The Action of the Biological Product

The emptying of septic tanks and cesspools is based on the application of the bacteria whose vital activities are quite useful for the biological product effectiveness. What is considered to be wasted for people turns out to be nourishment for some bacteria, from which they receive the necessary for their lives energy and materials for reproduction. When getting into a cesspool, a WC or a septic tank the bacteria of the biological product KALIUS convert the wastes into water, carbon dioxide, and some slight sewage sludge which is in its turn a fertilizer enriched with organic nitrogen.
To make the activity of the bacteria in the septic tanks and cesspools to be more effective they should be used at the temperatures + 4°С – + 30°С with the constant inflow of air. As well, it should be taken into consideration that not all the wastes of a man’s vital activity can be the nourishment for microorganisms.
Household chemical goods have a destructive effect on such bacteria; besides that, a part of bacteria will constantly be removed with water – therefore, for constant processing of wastes and fecal matter it is necessary to add periodically the biological product to sewages.
Therefore, if the adherence to the instructions is accurate, the microorganisms that are fed on organic wastes, easily eliminate stench; they remove organic outgrowths not damaging sewage tubes; they restore natural water drainage into the soil; they reduce the amount of fecal matter and that decreases the frequency of pumping out the wastes in several times.
Moreover, the biological product KALIUS contains the bacteria for septic tanks and cesspools that prevent the growth of various pathogenic microorganisms though they are absolutely harmless for man.


The Biological product KALIUS for cesspools have a number of considerable advantages that put them forward to the leading positions in the Ukrainian market:
they contain only natural selected strains of microorganisms;
they are powerful “antagonists” to putrefactive bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms;
the selected bacteria become active after “awakening” and keep their activity for a long time;
Kalius is absolutely harmless not only for man, but also for animals, insects, and all the environment;
there is a big concentration of useful bacteria (not less than 1 * 10in 1g of the product) in the given bio destruction agent; it allows to process a bulky amount of wastes with a small amount of the product;
in the “sleeping” condition these bacteria remain to be active at the storage temperature from – 30°C to +30°С.

Application and dosage

The preparation of the process solution: the needed amount of the biological product should be dissolved in 10 l of warm but non-chlorinated water. It should be kept at room temperature for 60 minutes then mixed.

Add process solution of the bio destruction agent to the toilet bowl, then wash off with a sufficient amount of water.

After that once a month the needed amounts of bacteria should be added.