Baikal for cesspools

Cesspool bacteria
Sump biobacteria Kalius
Cesspool agent Kalius
Cesspool agent Kalius
Baikal for cesspools is a microbiological preparation that allows cleaning cesspools and eliminates unpleasant odors.
The preparation contains lactic acid, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, unicellular fungi, waste products of organisms that process the contents of cesspools and toilets into compost, or an environmentally friendly liquid suitable for use in the garden.

Baikal for cesspools


Not so long ago, scientists have created a drug that significantly accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, including human waste products. This preparation contains specially selected enzymes and microorganisms.
Enzymes break down the waste products of a person into simpler components, and microorganisms successfully use them as their food, and when it ends, they die off. The end product is a cloudy liquid that is odorless and suitable for plants in your area.
In virtually all European countries, Canada and the United States, biotechnology projects are actively supported by the government and investors.
The success of biotechnology is due to two main reasons:
the use of biotechnology provides significant savings in financial, energy, human, natural, and other resources;
enzymatic biotechnologies, actively replacing chemical ones, make it possible to avoid environmental pollution and even make it possible to eliminate already existing serious environmental problems.


eliminates unpleasant odors;
cleans sewer pipes from growths;
destroys pathogenic microflora;
prevents silting of cesspools.


Pour 1000 ml of the drug with 5 liters of non-chlorinated water at room temperature (16-25 degrees), if the water is chlorinated, then it should stand for at least a day.
After stirring the solution, let it brew for 20-40 minutes.
Pour the prepared solution into a cesspool, street toilet or toilet bowl, etc.
The contents of the pit must not be mixed.