Strongly basic anion exchanger A520E

Strong acid cation exchanger C100E
Strong acid cation exchanger C100E
Properties of activated carbon
Properties of activated carbon

Macroporous type anion exchange resin

A520E is a macroporous type anion exchange resin specially designed for the removal of nitrates from water in the food industry. The macroporous structure and unique properties of the anion exchanger ensure its high selectivity for nitrates and make it possible to use A520E even for the case of removing nitrates against the background of moderately high content of sulfates in water.
Due to the high selectivity to nitrates, the exchange capacity of the anionic is somewhat lower than standard highly basic resins, but due to this, there will be no sharp breakthrough of nitrates, which is observed with standard resins.
For the regeneration of the A520E, the preferred reagent is NaCl. In some cases, seawater can be used with sufficient efficiency.
To ensure that the requirements for the preparation of water intended for the food industry are met, the anion exchanger must be pre-prepared. To do this, it should be treated with a 6% NaCl solution in a volume of at least two volumes of resin, and then washed with food-grade water with a total volume of at least four volumes of resin.

Macroporous type anion exchange resin


Physical form: opaque spherical particles
Delivery form: Сl-
Size: 1.19 – 0.30mm

Specific gravity

H + form: 1.18
Ca2 + form: 1.20
Exchange capacity (Сl-form), min: 0.9 mg-eq / l
Swelling Cl> SO4 / NO3: insignificant
Moisture content, H-form: 50 – 56%
PH range: 0 – 14; worker: 4.5 – 8.5
Maximum operating temperature, Cl-form: 100 ° C


Layer height, min: 70 cm (27 inches)
Working flow rate: 8-32 L / hr per liter of resin (1-4 GPM / ft2)
Backwash flow rate: 5-7 m / hr (2.0-29 gpm / ft2)
Backwash duration: 5-20 min
Backwash water volume: 1.5 – 4 resin volumes
Layer expansion: 50 – 75%
Regeneration: 3 – 10% NaCl solution
Reagent consumption: 90 – 250 g NaCl / l resin
Regeneration flow rate: 2-5 L / hr per liter of resin (0.25 – 0.63 GPM / ft3)
Regeneration duration: 20 – 60 min
Slow flush rate: 2-5 L / hr per liter of resin (0.25 – 0.63 GPM / ft3)
Slow rinsing time: 20 – 60 min
Slow rinse water volume: 2-5 resin volumes
Rapid flush rate: 8-32 L / hr per liter of resin (1-4 GPM / ft3)
Duration of fast flushing: 20 – 40 min
Water volume for quick rinsing: 2-5 volumes of resin